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MIGRANT arrived to transform Casa Koi.

It is our new essence,movement, our adaptability and resilience. Because no matter what the reason, migrating is always a transformative experience.

Why did we want this change?

Because we believe that the time has come to connect the Casa Koi MIGRANT experience with our most sensitive and receptive side.

Ayurveda medicine,   says that Food is everything that enters through the senses,  and that is what we want to achieve,

generate inclusive transformative experiences from which we can all nourish ourselves.

Open our space to share the table, different creative searches and mix of materials, enjoy our senses and cultural exchange during the different moments that we propose, and surrender to the experience.

If something identifies us, it is that we are in constant movement. We want to continue creating spaces for the exchange and fusion of cultures, creative moments and, above all, enjoyment with the people we love.

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